Hair Salon Camerinos by Ana Rubio, Barcelona

Hair Salon

In life...don’t be shy!

If you have a change in mind, don’t be shy. Thanks to the technique of visagism, which consists in studying a person’s facial and cranial morphology, I can help you decide on the haircut that works best with your body shape. Multifunctional haircuts best suited to your lifestyle and hair type that will be easy to upkeep at home.

Ever curled the curl?

Your hairstyle can be temporary or permanent thanks to products which act on a molecular level inside the Cysteine bridges of each hair. Changing your hair can give you a whole new look or simply give your hair more volume. Do you wish to mold your hair? Want to have it straight for a period of time? Or do you wish to curl the curls?

There is no gray day that a touch of color can’t fix

Color can shine more light on your face, enhance some of your features such as the color of your eyes, or balance your skin tone. Most importantly a color can change your mood. Hide the white hairs you are not proud of, make your natural color shine or finally be your true self. Thanks to the latest advancements, hair dye can hydrate or breathe life into damaged hair.

Let the wind dishevel your hair

Doing your hair means preparing it for any occasion, whether it be a wedding, a special dinner, an important work meeting or for yourself. But good hair brushing goes beyond drying your hair. It is key to complement it with a cranial massage in order to activate the blood flow and clean the scalp and mane. We also give importance to appropriate skin treatments to reach the desired balance between dermals, nutrition and hair hydration.

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