Hairdress Camerinos Barcelona

"No matter the style, your hair is beautiful"

Your hair is you. You were born with it and it has your DNA. It is a part of you and it deserves to be taken to its maximum potential. All you need is creativity and imagination to find a style to match your personality. That is the key: reaching the essence of each person. Something which can only be achieved with proper through proper communication. I observe and listen until I truly understand where each individual wants to go with their hair. Because we all have the right to feel special. Because hairdressing should be accessible to all. Because, in the end, your smile in front of the mirror is my greatest reward.

This is exactly why when you enter my hair salon, I will observe the way you move, talk, dress...and breathe. I then picture the best way to make your hair express your beauty, giving you more self-confidence.

This vision together with my 20 years of experience working as a stylist in several salons doing hair for events, movies, and theater, has brought to life Camerinos.

/by Ana Rubio

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